Q: What kind of fundraising campaigns are permitted on the TCF site?

A: We allow fundraisers for the following categories: Medical Expenses, Memorials & Funerals, Emergencies & Disasters, Adoption, Kids & Family, Neighbors & Community, Education & Schools, Sports & Teams, Pets & Animals, Volunteer & Service Projects, Nonprofits, Mission Trips, and Veterans. If you have a question for us about your campaign, please contact us at support@thechesedfund.com

Q: What kind of fundraising campaigns are not allowed on the TCF site?

A: We do not allow legal fundraisers for bail bonds, legal defense or criminal litigation, civil lawsuits, divorce or custody issues, or other legal matters, with the exception of regular and ordinary legal work for the processing of adoptions; nor do we allow fundraisers involving military conflicts. We reserve the right to remove any Fundraiser that you create that falls into one of these areas, at any time and with no notice to you.
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