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Frequently Asked Questions - Premium

· Recurring donations: Subscriptions. Example: A donor can donate $100 every month for 12 months. It is not just a one-time donation.

· Teams: Teams is a feature that empowers your own donors to become fundraisers. Donors can easily create a “team page” with their own individual goals and reach out to their own personal contacts. This creates a friendly competition, all in the hopes of raising funds for a worthy cause.

· White labeled page: The organization logo will appear at the top of the page, replacing The Chesed Fund’s logo.

· Removing the tip jar: On our basic plan, there is an optional Chesed Fund tip solicitation. This is removed on our premium plan.

· Credit card processing coverage: We give donors the option to cover the credit card processing options. Example: If a donor donates $100, we give an option for the donor to donate an additional $3.20 .

· Automated phones: An automated phone can help donors who prefer not to donate through the campaign link to donate on an automated phone system.

Updated on: 02/13/2023

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