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Preset Categories

Preset Categories are a powerful feature that allow you to greatly expand the applications of Presets in your campaigns.

Presets are useful for allowing Donors to associate their donation with a concrete impact they are having, inspiring them to give more.

Preset Categories allow you to greatly expand the number of Presets you offer donors in a given campaign without overwhelming them.

Common examples can include running sponsorship campaigns for all the Parshas in the Chumash, or all the Masechtas of Mishnayos. You might also group different sweepstakes tickets by price or Tier.

By first creating a category such as Bereshis, Shemos, etc. or Gold, SIlver, and Bronze, you can then add multiple presets to each category, and these will displayed in an organized way on your cause page.

How to Set Up Preset Categories

To add preset categories, simply create the presets you'd like within the grey preset categories box.

Then, when adding individual presets, you'll have the option of selecting which category a preset should belong to. If you keep a preset uncategorized, it will automatically be grouped under a "General" category.

Bulk imports

Since you'll often want to add many presets to your cause at once, it is often helpful to use the bulk upload tool, which can import multiple presets at once from a spreadsheet. Click the bulk upload button and then select the spreadsheet. You can view a sample spreadsheet to see what fields to include, we recommend copying it and using it as a template.

Using a spreadsheet, you can easily apply one category to multiple presets, and these categories will be automatically created during the import.

Updated on: 06/02/2023

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