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Creating Teams

Teams allow you to delegate your fundraising to your community, allowing each team to be your fundraising ambassador and raise funds on your behalf while tracking their individual goals and progress.

Teams can also have subteams, for even more granular control and reach. This is useful for a variety of cases, such as a school where each class is a Team and each student is a subteam. The student then raises funds from multiple donors. Other applications might include a community-wide undertaking where each Shul is a Team and each Congregant is a Subteam.

To this end, The Chesed Fund also allows you to rename your teams and subteams to any label you choose which fits your campaign messaging and branding. For example, Teams could be "Communities" and subteams could be "Chesed Crews".

Creating Teams in Bulk

Teams can be created in bulk by uploading a CSV file to the platform. You can create up to 100 teams at once this way.

The most important thing about uploading teams in bulk is ensuring you have the right columns of information for each team, and that the column headers in the CSV file have the right labels. You can download a sample CSV file to see the correct required format.

Here are the required fields and their column headers, in order:
email - Team leader's email
signup name - team Leader's name
phone - enter as 10 digits with no symbols or spaces
name - must be in English
team message - a personal message to include on the team page
goal - the team's fundraising goal
send welcome email - will send an intro email to the team members. Enter either Yes or No.
send donation notification - will notify team members of donations made to their team. Enter either Yes or No.
secondary emails (optional) - To notify additional people about team updates. Separate each additional email with a semicolon.
parent team (optional) - if you want this team to be a subteam, specify the Parent Team name it should belong to.

A few more important things to keep in mind:
No entry should have commas
Team names cannot contain apostrophes or any punctuation
Email addresses should be all lowercase

Updated on: 03/01/2023

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