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Why am I getting so many emails for Chesed Fund campaigns?

The Chesed Fund is a crowdfunding platform, a tool used by organizations and individuals to raise funds for their causes.

The Chesed Fund never directly sends emails to donors to promote specific campaigns.

As part of our service, we provide fundraisers with the emails of their past donors, which is important for a variety of reasons, including process payments, sending invoices, and maintaining a relationship with their supporters.

It is up to the individual campaign organizers to be respectful of the contact info that has been entrusted to them, and only contact people in a way that they have consented to.

The vast majority of fundraisers on our platform are mindful of the trust that has been invested in them, while a few outliers flaunt these policies and reach out to people with unsolicited emails to promote other causes.

We recommend getting in touch directly with the senders to have yourself removed from these lists.

Updated on: 03/11/2021

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