Q: Why should I consider verifying my campaign?

A: Verification is the process whereby the Chesed Fund reviews a campaign to establish its veracity via supporting documents and references. The verification process enables donors to make donations more confidently, knowing a 3rd party reviewed your documentation.

Q: What happens in the verification process?

A: A verification specialist will contact your references within 72 hours of your request for verification to confirm the facts of your campaign are true. If you submitted a letter of endorsement from a rav, he will be contacted as well. Please make sure your references have agreed to be contacted on your behalf.

Q: Is a letter of endorsement, wedding invitation, medical diagnosis, credit card/medical/utility bill sufficient for verification?

A: All of these documents are certainly useful in verifying your cause, however, we still need to speak with your references.

If you are submitting a letter from your rav, please make sure it was written in the last 12 months, had a date written in the top corner, and is on official letterhead. We prefer the letter be written in English, if the rav is English speaking. If you submit a letter in Hebrew or Yiddish, kindly submit a translation of the letter.

If you are raising funds for Hachnasas Kallah, please try to submit an invitation.
If you are raising funds because you are trying to pay off debts, please provide a recent bill.

Q: How can I expedite the verification process?

A: You can help expedite the verification process by:
Please provide the best numbers to reach your references.
Please include the best time to reach your references, as well as the country and time zone they live in.
Please try to have at least one English speaking reference.
Please indicate if your reference does not speak English.
If you submit a letter from a rav, please indicate the best number and time when that rav can be reached.

Q: Is my information, documents, and name kept confidential?

A: We make every effort to respect your privacy, and do not disclose any of your documents.

We will, however, discuss your situation with your references. Please do not provide a personal reference if you do not feel comfortable with our discussing your situation with them.

Q: If I request my campaign be verified, is that a guarantee that it will be approved?

A: While we make every effort to check with your references, and confirm the facts you provided are true, there may be occasions when we are unable to approve a request for verification.

Q: Why do I have to pay for the verification process? What does the money go towards?

A: The core of service of The Chesed Fund has always been free of charge, and always will be. We harness the power of technology to automate the process of raising funds, enabling many individuals to create campaigns on the core framework.

However, verification requires the manual involvement of a staff member to review your campaign, and as such there is a cost for this additional service.

Q: Are verified campaigns tax deductible?

A: There is no direct correlation between a campaign's verification status and its tax deductible status. Tax Deductible status is determined by the IRS, while The Chesed Fund's verification process attempts to ascertain that all the facts in a campaign are true, regardless of whether you'd receive a tax deductible receipt if you donated to that campaign.

Q: Does my verification expire?

A: Verification are provided on a per-campaign basis and do not expire. A verification is a statement that, at the specific point in time when the campaign was verified, all the facts contained within it were found to be true by our team. This statement will always be valid, regardless of how much time elapses since the verification.
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