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How to feature your cause

The Chesed Fund 2.0 has a vast array of powerful fundraising tools for you to use. We recognize that for an individual running a single campaign these can be a little overwhelming.

A common question we get is "Can my campaign link be instead of".

This is certainly a useful feature for both organizations, and individuals and can be done once your account and cause are created.

To start, first, log into your dashboard and click on "settings".

You will see a switch that says "List causes on homepage". Click it to turn it off.

Next, select your cause from the "Featured Cause" drop-down menu that appears below.

You can now access your featured campaign from your account link.

In our case this is

As always, reach out to our friendly support staff if you have any questions.

Happy Fundraising

Updated on: 06/24/2020

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